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We started working on Pet Proactive back in 2019 - it's a very different model to other insurance providers because we ask you to commit to treatment via your local, independent vet.

By buying local, we believe we can offer you a better product.

Here's some information about the journey so far - we'd love to hear your feedback at support@petproactive.pet.

Liz Graham

CEO and co-founder

Hello! I'm Liz. I have seventeen pets - Flanders the cat, Ralph the black labrador and fifteen chickens (with far too many names to list).

Ralph is the inspiration behind Pet Proactive. It was my own experience with his pet insurance that led Alex and I to come up with a better approach for pet insurance.

Like most pet owners, I always use the same vet practice - our pets get continuity of care and I really trust our local practice to help them when they are poorly. Not all vet practices are equal, both in terms of cost and quality of care. We believe that most pet owners will happily commit to working through their preferred local practice in return for greater certainty of cover and fairer insurance premiums.

Pet Proactive is here to support local veterinary practices and their pet owners by providing pet insurance for the practice. We partner with vets that we trust to care for your pet, and we cover any treatment or referral that they prescribe. We price our policies based on your local vet practice's treatment and referral costs.

One thing we do not cover are pre-existing conditions, but the difference between Pet Proactive and any other pet insurance provider is that we will tell you which pre-existing conditions are not covered from the start. So you know where you stand.

We have made everything super easy, from getting a quote through to making a claim, so you and your local vet can focus on caring for your pet.

Alex Banks

CTO and co-founder

I'm Alex, proud owner of Oscar and Oliver the cats with my partner Mandeep.

I wanted to share with you three reasons why our local pet insurance is so different to other pet insurance providers, and why we think that makes for happier, healthier pets.

1. Pet Proactive is a local product. We form trusted partnerships with outstanding, independent local vets, and our computers learn their treatment behaviour which allows us to price to your local practice. In return for your local loyalty, we give you the fairest price. No money wasted on expensive television advertising or online marketing.

2. Certainty of Cover. Our vet partnership helps us to remove the small print from your policy documents. This gives you certainty of cover when your pet is poorly, gives your vet freedom to extend the best care, and gives us the confidence to charge just one excess per policy year, not one per condition.

3. Automated Claims. Your vet shares the treatment records of insured animals with us so when you make a claim, we already know what is covered by your policy - no complex questions, no delays, no claims team working to reduce the amount of money refunded to you. In most cases there's nothing for you to pay as we will work directly with your vet.

We have lots of other exciting ideas to use technology to make Pet Insurance even better, so watch this space.

We also love feedback - please get in touch if you have any comments, ideas or suggestions about our website.

Gemma Oyston

Veterinary Nurse

Hi - I'm Gemma. I have worked in the veterinary profession since leaving school and I have Winnie the lovely cross-breed dog.

I think pet insurance is good for pet owners because it means more pets can receive the most effective treatment when the worst happens.

But pet insurance doesn't have a great reputation because customers assume they are covered, only to find that health conditions and treatments are limited or not covered at all.

The other issue is how expensive it becomes when your pet gets older. In the past, I took out pet insurance for our dog when she was a puppy based on a budget I could afford, then after her seventh birthday her premium had more than doubled.

We have worked together to take pet insurance back to basics whilst tackling some of the fundamental problems that affect customers. Our approach to cover medical fees through your local vet takes away unpleasant surprises in pet insurance helping to make it a valuable, reliable and affordable policy over the lifetime of your pet.

Our policies are designed to help you avoid unexpected bills, and being able to work through your vet when your pet is poorly means that there's nothing else for you to worry about other than helping them get better.

James Little

Head of Data Analytics

Hi - I'm James.

My background in mathematics and computer science has given me a passion for crunching large datasets. Often though, I have found that the data used in academic and corporate environments can be overly contrived or generally lacking in useful application.

Having the chance to work on a hugely diverse dataset, where the end-goal is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of animals (and by extension the owners!) is rewarding and exciting.

The feedback we're getting from our veterinary partners is that data insight coupled with process automation will be of significant benefit to vet practices. Our software helps to facilitate proactive trend spotting for new and existing health conditions, provide a clear view of pet demographics and can aid in budget forecasting and performance analysis. A closer relationship between the practice and the insurance provider has enabled us to build a low-friction claims process, vastly reducing the admin overhead for practitioners and customers.

Having grown up with two characterful Shih Tzus, I understand how unique each pet is. And although we're working with large datasets, we always strive to reflect individual characteristics in our data models. I believe this results in a fairer product - one that is an excellent match for an important member of your family.

Libby Harris

Business Operations

Hello - I am Libby. I joined Pet Proactive in September 2022 and you can often find me working in the operations department as well as customer support.

I graduated from college in 2019 holding two qualifications - a Level 2 Diploma in Equine Care and a Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management. Since then, I have worked in a dog grooming salon, two veterinary practices and now I've found my home at Pet Proactive. I think it's safe to say I like animals!

Sadly, my fifteen year old rescue staffie, Daisy, passed away in December 2022. She had been a member of our family for eleven years. I still own a very naughty hamster, Archie - I should have called her Houdini! You may question why a female hamster is called Archie - well, we were told she was a he until we realised a few weeks in that Archie is Arch-she! But the name stuck.

When you want to purchase insurance for your furry family member, there is such a lot to consider such as the cost, the annual limit, what the policy would cover and how to claim. I like to think Pet Proactive can help make this process simple and stress free. All you need is the mobile number or email registered with your local independent practice - just type it in to receive a code, and then you've got prices for all your pets under six years old.

If you ever need to make a claim there's no forms, no policy number. Just speak to reception at your local practice, call us or email us - who knows, you may speak to me!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Matthew Rolph


Hello - I am Matthew. Here I am with my dog Dudley. You will probably find it hard to believe that I've been working in the insurance industry for more than 196 dog years!

From our first meetings back in 2019, it was clear to me that Pet Proactive was going to take a different walk to many other insurers - working directly with trusted vet practices to support their customers just feels right. In turn, the vets' customers become Pet Proactive customers, and we are held to account to deliver great cover for every pet.

And as an insurer we want more of our vet partners' customers to buy our insurance - that means we must demonstrate every day and with every claim that we are trusted. Trusted by the vet practices to deliver insurance that is worth paying for and trusted by our customers that we will offer financial support with minimal admin.

It is so important to me that we make the experience as simple as possible. I don't want to worry about pet insurance or how to make a claim with someone I don't know when Dudley needs treatment. I love the fact that our cover lets customers deal with the vet and make a claim simply by speaking to reception.

We also want to stick to our knitting. We don't offer theft or liability cover. That's because we pride ourselves on delivering great pet medical cover that lets you and your vet do what's best for your pet.

you can call our UK switchboard on 0208 142 9268 or email us at support@petproactive.pet

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